MototheNW Challenge Map


MototheNW Challenge Map


Are you up for the challenge? You’d better be.

We were tired of people complaining that there was just nowhere to ride in Oregon and everything is just too darn expensive. Consider this our chance to prove you wrong. Listed on the Moto the NW Challenge Map, you’ll find 52 public, free riding areas (all you’ll need is an OHV pass, which is just over $10 for two years). Yeah, you’ll have to plan some epic road trips across Oregon with your riding buddies to get to these, but let’s face it, you’re tired of being on your couch.

We’re throwing in a pack of Moto the NW stickers, so as you check these spots off of your list, you can mark it on the map.

We know an ice cold beer sure tastes good after the ride. Don’t forget to pack your empties up with everything else as you head home.

Perfect for living rooms, garages, shops, and trophy walls.

Oregon set this land aside for us to ride. Can you ride it all?


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